How do you write PC skills on your résumé?

How do you write PC skills on your résumé?

You name IT skills in a sub-item of the section Knowledge and skills. If computer skills are important for the job you are applying for, you can highlight them in a separate section in your résumé …. Name the generic term.InternetMS OfficeSeveral image editing programs

What computer skills do you need in professional life?

IT Minimum requirements for IT skills for the job Office applications, usually the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Programming languages ​​(JAVA, JScript, C ++, Python, etc.) Operating systems, database handling, graphics processing (Photoshop, InDesign etc.) CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) Social media, web design (HTML, CSS, PHP etc.)

What PC skills are there?

Computer skills include, for example: Word processing programs (e.g. Microsoft Word) Spreadsheets (Excel) Image processing programs and graphic design (Photoshop) Presentation programs (Powerpoint) Operating systems (Windows) Project management (Scrum) Programming languages ​​(Java) Database management (SQL) Further entries …

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