How do you write PS in an email?

How do you write PS in an email?

Notation. To identify an attachment, postscripts are rarely written in full (the tender is usually used in books). According to Duden, the correct abbreviation is PS (without dots). A colon is usually placed after the abbreviation PS, followed by the text of the postscript.

Where does the PS go in the cover letter?

We recommend that you use the postscript as an abbreviation PS between the signature and the attachments. Please note that the PS does not contain any points, i.e. no PS: etc.

How do you write PS in English?

PS abbreviation for postscript: PS Best wishes to your father.

Where is the PS?

This is how the PS is written according to DIN 5008 The PS is always placed under the letter, with at least one line from the end of the text, which is usually ended by the signature.

What is horsepower in a car?

“Horsepower stands for horsepower and is a unit of measure used to measure the performance of machines. The performance of cars is also very often expressed in horsepower.

What does PS indicate?

PS is used as the unit symbol. It is defined as the power that is required to lift a mass of 75 kilograms at standard fall acceleration within a period of one second by a height of one meter (75 kg · m · s − 1 · 9.80665 m · s − 2) and corresponds exactly to watts.

How is a PS defined?

1 PS is defined in DIN 66036 as the power that has to be provided in order to move a body of mass m = 75 kg against the gravitational field of the earth (with standard acceleration 9,80665 m / s²) at a speed of 1 m / s . James Watt’s definition is similar.

What brings me more horsepower?

The importance of horsepower A horsepower is a performance indicator that defines work in relation to a unit of time. It is the power that is required to lift a weight of 75 kilograms by a total of one meter in a period of one second.

Why do gasoline engines have more horsepower?

A gasoline engine reaches significantly higher speeds and thus has a higher maximum output. The diesel engine has a slightly different combustion and the high speeds are therefore not possible.

How much horsepower should you have?

Ultimately, everyone has to know for themselves how much performance they want / need. For a small car that is mainly driven in the city and on country roads, 50-60 hp are completely sufficient.

How much horsepower should a station wagon have?

For most people, 140 hp is enough in a large station wagon, such as a Passat or Ford Mondeo. In a small station wagon like Golf or Focus, 105 hp is usually enough. 100 gasoline HP are enough without any problems, but then howl because the fuel is so expensive….

How much horsepower do you need to be allowed to drive on the autobahn?

There is no explicit minimum number of horsepower, but the car needs enough horsepower that it can reach at least 60 km / h. However, this is the case with (almost) all regular cars.

How much power should the first car have?

A beginner’s car must or should be cheap. Inexpensive in general upkeep and insurance. Even with a 200 HP car you can have made a good choice as a novice driver.

How much power does a car need?

In the current year, the average power of newly registered cars is 148 hp, as the Center of Automotive Research (CAR) at the University of Duisburg-Essen has determined. In 2015 as a whole, the value was 144 hp, at the end of the 1990s it was less than 100 hp.

Is 120 hp a lot?

If you now capitalize “ahead” (in advance), then it is perfect. 120 hp is a lot for such a small car and as a novice driver I would recommend you start with 60 hp, that’s enough.

Is 150 hp a lot?

You can drive relaxed even with ‘more’ horsepower. With the current vehicle weights, 150 is usually sufficient, but not much. 200 hp is enough, above that is more of a luxury, but you don’t necessarily need it.

How much horsepower per kg?

The dry weight of 1,283 kilos (corresponds to around 1,383 kilos empty weight) results in a power-to-weight ratio of 1.92 kilos per horsepower.

How do you calculate the power-to-weight ratio?

To make an accurate calculation, you need to divide the weight of the vehicle by the actual engine power. The result represents an order of magnitude in kg for one kilowatt hour of engine power. If a car weighs 1,400 kg and has an output of 90 KW, for example, 1400: 90 is calculated.

What does power-to-weight ratio 0 1 KW KG mean?

For this reason, this driver’s license class is also known as the 125 driver’s license. An innovation has been added since January 2013. The ratio of power to weight of the motorcycle must be a maximum of 0.1 kW / kg. The sum of the empty weight is defined as the weight.

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