How do you write text interpretation?

How do you write text interpretation?

Write the text interpretation in the present tense. Substantiate all your views and thoughts on the text with appropriate text passages, i.e. work with quotations. Present a coherent interpretation. Have read the text template intensively. Use the technical vocabulary that is necessary for an analysis and interpretation is typical.

What is an interpretation essay?

The interpretation essay One of the most important tasks in German lessons is the examination of the text, which you present in the form of an interpretation essay. In the course of your school years you have to learn to understand very different text forms, e.g. B. short stories, poems, etc.

What is meant by interpreting?

Interpretation (Latin interpretatio “interpretation, translation, explanation”) means in the general sense the understanding or the subjectively considered plausible interpretation of something that is given or at least of something that is present.

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