How do you write the date with day?

How do you write the date with day?

Sometimes the date is spelled Monday, u2033 in the header of a letter or even in the body. So the basic rule is: First the day, then a comma and then the date.

How do you write the time correctly?

How to tell the time in Germany Hours, minutes and seconds are separated from each other with a colon. Everything is given in two digits. So: pm, 9:35 am, 6:18 pm.

How do you write dates correctly?

The following applies in all cases: There is always a comma between the day of the week and the date. A comma can be placed after the date….Use the article “the” or write without the article:”Tuesday, April 3(,) …”, “Tuesday, April 3(,) …”, “until Tuesday April 3(,) …”, “until Tuesday April 3(,) …”.

How do you read the year in German?

For years, the first two numbers are given as cardinal numbers, then the word “-hundred” and then the last two numbers as cardinal numbers. From the year 2000, the whole four-digit number is said to be a cardinal number.

How do you write the numbers in German?

According to DUDEN, there is a simple rule for this: Numbers written as a word or in words are written together if they are less than one million. If they are greater than a million, they are written separately. In addition, everything up to the million is always lowercase.

How do you write a date in Roman numerals?

In order to specify a date with Roman numerals, the individual values ​​must be converted separately….Day as Roman numeral.1I9IX10X11XI12XII26

How do you write 2020 in Roman numerals?

Table with the composition of the decimal number 2020 in its Roman notation MMXXValueRoman number1.= 2020= MMXX1 more row

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