How do you write the end of a poem analysis?

How do you write the end of a poem analysis?

The final part of a poem interpretation is characterized by the following features: First, the most important analysis and interpretation results must be summarized in a few sentences so that you can get an overview of your work from the main part. Then you write a conclusion about the interpretation.

In what time does an interpretation have to be written?

If you decide to interpret the text at the sRDP, you must write in the present tense. Prove all of your views and thoughts on the text with appropriate text passages, that is, work with quotations.

What types of text come to the German Matura 2020?

The tasks of the topics of the maturity examinations include the text types recommendation, discussion, comment, letter to the editor, opinion speech, open letter, text analysis of non-fictional texts, text interpretation of literary texts and summary.

How do I write a good factual analysis?

How do I write a factual text analysis? The first reading is for rough orientation and understanding of the text. During the second reading you highlight foreign words or unclear text passages; during the third reading you highlight linguistic abnormalities.

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