How do you write the end of an argument?

How do you write the end of an argument?

Write the end At the end of your argument there is the end. With it you briefly summarize the essentials again and present your own opinion in a well-founded manner. Here one should no longer argue again, but bring the course of the argument back to the point.

How is a dialectical discussion structured?

The structure is as follows: First you write an introduction in which you briefly introduce the topic of the discussion. In the main part you will first compare both theses. These theses are supported by comparing their arguments in direct alternation.

What is the difference between dialectical and linear discussion?

Basically, there are two different types of discussion: The linear discussion: It runs in one line of thought. the antithetical or dialectical discussion: It runs in two opposing schools of thought: Example: Are media-based lectures better?

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