How do you write the salutation in the letter?

How do you write the salutation in the letter?

Rule: The pronouns “you” and “you” as well as the corresponding possessive pronouns “your” and “your” are written in lower case. This is especially true for private and personal correspondence. In business correspondence, however, capitalization is still recommended for the form of address.

What is always capitalized in the letter?

In letters and e-mails, the salutation pronoun can be written in upper or lower case. Example: Dear Maria, dear Franz, when will you / you arrive? The polite form of address you and the associated possessive pronoun Ihr, however, are always capitalized.

Is it always capitalized?

The case with the upper and lower case of the salutation pronouns is actually not that difficult: “You” is still capitalized throughout, it is different with “You”: When you address a specific person (for example in a letter , in an email or on WhatsApp), you can use the “you” …

What are salutation examples?

Salutation pronouns are always written in lower case for people who are familiar. Examples: you, you, your, you, your, your, your, your, you …

What are the salutation pronouns?

The words your, you, you, you, your, you, you, you and yours are salutations. But be careful, if you see one of these words, it is not always a salutation pronoun. If yours or yours is lowercase, the word is not a salutation pronoun.

What is a salutation pronoun?

If you speak to someone in the polite form, you write you, yours, yours, you,…. You always capitalize these salutation pronouns (both the personal pronouns and the possessive pronouns).

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