How do you write the state of the art?

How do you write the state of the art?

As shown above, the state of research should serve to relate one’s own question to the research, not the topic. Anyone who uses the scientific results of a third party in their work must also make this clear through direct and indirect quotations.

What is the current state of research?

The state of research is a summary of the most important research results on a specific topic. It thus illustrates the current status of a research field and shows where your own question connects.

How to write a bibliography

Literature review not available. Instead, in addition to “Introduction” and “Conclusion”, various chapter headings appear. Formulate specific and appropriate chapter headings. Instead of stringing together quotes, create a kind of short story with a simple narrative thread (Bem 1995).

How do I write a literature review?

A very simple principle ensures the structure of writing a literature review: Build it up like a funnel. You go from general research on your subject area or the terms to very specific work that is related to your very specific research question.

How is a literary work structured?

How is a literary work structured? A literature work follows a similar structure as the classic empirical work with introduction, theoretical framework, methodology and conclusion. In the methodology part, however, you deal exclusively with the literature that you have chosen.

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