How do you write to a lecturer?

How do you write to a lecturer?

The correct salutation is an essential point. Make sure that you always speak to your lecturers first and use the polite form of address “Dear Sir” or “Dear Ms.” in the e-mail. After that you should always name the highest academic degree of your lecturer.

How do you address a professor?

In official usage, a professor is addressed verbally and in writing as Herr Professor; the name can be added. A woman is addressed as a woman professor; the family name can also be mentioned here.

How to write an email to Prof?

Often times, e-mails are less formal than letters, up to and including omission of salutation. If your professor omits the salutation in his reply to your e-mail, you can do the same with a direct reply. If the professor addresses you with “Hello Mr. Schmidt” or “Dear Mr. Schmidt”, then do the same.

How do you write dear?

Dear Mr. XY on the safe side. Because she is polite and respectful. If you choose this form of address, you can’t go wrong! If you do not know the name of your contact person, it is best to write Dear Sir or Madam.

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