How do you write to hand?

How do you write to hand?

To authorities or companies or between companies in the form of business letters. In order for the official letter to reach the correct recipient, there is the abbreviation “for hands” (or “for the attention of the person”).

What does to mean?

When writing an address, one often stumbles over the abbreviation “to hands”. For this reason you write the name of your contact person with the note “for your attention” in the address field. “For hands” means that the shipment is to be handed over to a specific person.

How do you address a letter?

Correctly addressing the envelope – this is how your mail arrives quickly. Label the front of the envelope only. The sender’s address is shown on the top left; the address of the recipient is shown on the bottom right; Postage stamps or other franking is placed in the top right corner.

How to write a Chinese address

Correct address format for China For shipping to China, DHL prescribes, for example: Write the name and address in Latin letters and Arabic numerals. Pay attention to the following order: recipient name, house number and street, city, zip code, area and country.

How do I write foreign addresses correctly?

Labeling letters abroad – this is how you address your mail correctly. For shipments abroad, no country abbreviations (e.g. F, NL) are placed in front of the place name or postcode! The name of the destination country is in capital letters in German, French or English in the last line below the location.

How do I write a Polish address?

If you ask Polish acquaintances where they live or if you want to meet at a certain address, there is the “bad custom” in Poland that you only say the last name of the person after whom the street is named. Example: I live at 30/2 Chopin Street.

How do you write the address on a postcard to Germany?

Deutsche Post recommends writing in capital letters in the address field. This is the easiest to decipher anywhere in the world – precisely because the postal workers in the holiday country look at the card first. In addition, you should write your own home address somewhere, this is unfortunately often forgotten.

How long does a package to Poland take?

How long does a package to Poland take? The transport times are very short due to the direct proximity of the two countries: a package from Germany to Poland takes around 3 working days. The same applies to the reverse direction from Poland to Germany.

How much does it cost to send a package to Poland?

Prices and dimensions for shipping to PolandDimensionsWeightOnline pricePackage M min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm max. L + W + H = 90 cm no side longer than 60 cm up to 2 kg8.89 EUR Store price: 9.00 EUR Package min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm max. 60 x 30 x 15 cm Transport insurance up to 500 EUR included up to 2 kg 13.99 EUR online only5

How much does a package with Hermes to Poland cost?

Package prices to PolandPackage classWeightPackageShop priceS-package sum from the longest and shortest side up to 50 cm up to 25 kg14.50 € M-package sum from the longest and shortest side up to 80 cm up to 25 kg 19.40 € L-package sum from the longest and shortest side up to 120 cm up to 25 kg 29.15 € 1 more row

How long does a letter from Germany to Poland take?

A package from the German Post (DHL) takes three to five days for the same route. A normal letter travels a little faster with an average delivery time of 2.3 days, but still significantly slower than between Flensburg and Mittenwald.

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