How does a clinical study work?

How does a clinical study work?

Clinical studies take place in several phases. In the course of a study, more and more information is obtained about the investigational drug, what the risks are, how well it may or may not work, and how the treatment affects various aspects of quality of life.

Where can I find clinical studies?

The German Register of Clinical Studies (DRKS) offers you the opportunity to search for information on ongoing and completed clinical studies in Germany or to register your own studies with others.

Who conducts clinical studies?

Clinical trials are carried out by the examiners. These are medical specialists, mostly doctors, whose profession qualifies them for patient care in the study (e.g. cardiologist, diabetologist).

How long does a clinical study take?

This happens in clinical studies, first with healthy people, later with patients. Each of these phases usually lasts at least a year, usually longer. Then, if the results are good, you can apply for approval of the drug in question.

How long does a phase 3 study take?

Several hundred patients are necessary. These are selected according to previously defined so-called inclusion and exclusion criteria. A phase III study lasts 2-4 years.

What is a phase 3 study?

Phase III comprises the studies that determine the data that are decisive for approval for proof of efficacy. Usually at least two independent controlled clinical studies, each of which provide evidence of the statistical significance of the effectiveness, are necessary.

What does a study mean?

A study is a systematic collection of data that is used to answer one or more questions. A study requires a study protocol.

How many clinical phases are there?

Before a new drug can be used or prescribed in Germany, it is intensively examined and tested. The investigations of the drug on humans are referred to as clinical studies and are divided into levels I to IV.

What does clinical trial mean?

Clinical trials are an indispensable part of the development and approval of drugs. They are intended to prove the effectiveness of new drugs and to determine their tolerability. The clinical trials take place before the drug comes onto the market.

How much does a clinical trial cost?

A study costs up to 100 million euros. Currently, approximately 20% of the studies are initiated by scientific staff and 80% by pharmaceutical companies.

How much does a study cost?

28,500 euros – that’s the average cost of a three-year bachelor’s degree. Because according to the Studentenwerk, the average cost of living for a full-time student is around 794 euros per month (as of 2012).

Who Funds Clinical Studies?

Clinical trials are “independent” if they are funded by public funds, research centers, or non-profit organizations such as patient associations.

How expensive is it to develop a new drug?

It now takes an average of 12 years for a new drug to be launched on the market. The costs amount to around 2.6 billion Swiss francs. Around two thirds of these costs are incurred before the clinical studies.

How does a new drug come onto the market?

To do this, the pharmaceutical company must first apply for drug approval from the competent authority (see below: Approval options). This carefully checks all study results and, in the best case scenario, grants the manufacturer permission to bring the new drug onto the market.

What do drugs really cost?

What does it really cost to develop a drug? The Association of Researching Drug Manufacturers (vfa) assumes an “average” of $ 802 million (2000 value basis) to develop a new drug, 1 the American manufacturers’ association PHRMA of more than $ 1 billion.

How much does the pharmacy earn in medication?

For example, the pharmacy earns around eight euros before costs on a drug with a net price of 40 euros, and on a high price of 2000 euros it earns 65 euros – around eight times as much.

How much does the pharmacy earn per prescription?

Remuneration for private prescriptions The remuneration is calculated using the same formula, only the pharmacy discount of 1.77 euros in favor of the health insurance company is omitted. Because Ms. Müller bills her private prescription directly with the health insurance company, not with us. So we would earn 10.55 euros on this private recipe.

What do pharmacists get per prescription?

According to this, pharmacies receive for each pack dispensed of a prescription finished drug: three percent of the pharmacy purchase price and. a fixed surcharge of currently 8.35 euros and.

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