How does a debate work?

How does a debate work?

A debate consists of three parts: In the opening round, each participant takes two minutes to answer the issue from his or her point of view. In the final round, each participant has one minute to answer the question a second time, this time in the light of all the arguments he has heard.

What belongs in an opening speech of a debate?

For example, an opening speech for a debate might look like this: beginning. The entry into the topic can use current starting points. Ask. Which question (challenge) results from this? Definition. Clarification of what is being talked about. reasons / arguments. Measure. call to action.

What does debate mean?

A debate (from French dbattre (put down)) is a dispute that, unlike a discussion, follows formal rules and usually serves to prepare the content of a vote. the appropriate debating format in competitive debating (debating) regulates the form of the debate.

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