How does a job interview go?

How does a job interview go?

The job interview for your apprenticeshipPrepare yourself for questions about yourself and your career aspirations.There are questions you don’t have to answer.You should prepare questions for your contact person yourself.Unpunctuality creates a bad impression.

How do I formulate my strengths?

You should only mention these strengths if they are particularly relevant to the advertised job and are not a matter of course….The most common strengths in applicationsCreativity.Organizational talent.Punctuality.Experience.Technology.Motivation.Fast perception.

How do you write in an application that you are a team player?

Teamwork in the application: what else is important. It is important that you formulate your role in the respective team as specifically as possible and show what you are responsible for. Use your skills and competencies aggressively without overdoing it.

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