How does a selection interview work?

How does a selection interview work?

The selection interview typically follows a consistent pattern. If you know this, you can adjust to it and be less nervous. A selection interview typically consists of five phases: Small talk.

What does it mean when you are in the selection process?

A selection process is designed to find and admit the best applicants for study places. Another part of the study places is allocated based on the number of waiting semesters.

How long does it take to study medicine?

Depending on the university, medical studies last between 12 and 13 semesters. The course of study is divided into pre-clinical and clinical studies. You will also complete a three-month mandatory internship, the so-called clerkship, in a nursing facility.

What subjects do I have in medical school?

Hygiene, microbiology and virology. Internal Medicine. paediatrics. Clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics.

What subjects do you need to be good at to become a dentist?

You will learn this in the following subjects: Physics.Chemistry.Biology.Anatomy.Propaedeutics.Physiology.Biochemistry.Phantom courses.

How much physics in medical school?

For physics you can plan 3 study days (about 5% of the time). About 60 of the 320 questions in the Physics are in the field of physiology. About 20 questions are asked about physics. Important examination topics in physics are the basics of mechanics, optics and electricity.

How many exams in medical school?

In principle, you have four attempts for each exam. However, more than 90% of the students already pass all exams in the first repeat exam at the latest. There are often several months between each attempt, so that you have enough time to prepare for the repeat exam.

How important is math in medical school?

As a doctor, you actually only need a little math. And the little that is required of you proves to be solvable with a little basic knowledge and a pocket calculator. Therefore, you should consider math as one of the smallest hurdles in medical studies.

Do you have math in medical school?

Fortunately, the mathematics that you need in medical studies is manageable, so that you can make ends meet very well even with the knowledge from middle school. However, since only so few sub-areas of mathematics are relevant, it is all the more important that you master them very securely.

Is studying medicine really that hard?

Medical studies are considered to be one of the most difficult courses. It requires a high level of perseverance and has a high study load.

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