How does cancer affect the body?

How does cancer affect the body?

The starting point of cancer is genetic material. In the genes, the carriers of hereditary factors, damage occurs that can no longer be repaired. Three groups of genes play a role here: the oncogenes, the tumor suppressor genes and the repair genes.

How long does it take for a tumor to spread?

This means that the more malignant a tumor is, the earlier metastasis occurs. In the case of undifferentiated breast cancer, this can take place after just a few weeks, otherwise after a few years. Small cell bronchial carcinomas metastasize extremely quickly, usually involving the brain.

How long does a colon tumor take to grow?

Colorectal cancer grows very slowly, usually over a period of 10 to 15 years. In the early stages, it hardly causes any symptoms.

How fast does a uterine sarcoma grow?

These gradations are fluid. A well-differentiated sarcoma can grow to a considerable size over many months or even years without developing metastases, while undifferentiated, very malignant sarcomas can spread metastases in the body at an early stage.

How fast do soft tissue sarcomas grow?

Most soft tissue sarcomas and tumors grow and spread quickly, so if left untreated, they can be fatal within a few weeks or months.

How long can you live with a sarcoma?

Sarcomas are usually also aggressive tumors. The probability of still being alive five years after the diagnosis is now more than half of the patients thanks to the successful treatment in the sarcoma centers, but it is still significantly lower than with many other types of cancer.

Is sarcoma curable?

If all therapeutic options are exhausted, a cure is possible in over 80 percent of sarcoma cases. Even after metastases have occurred, there is often still a chance of recovery with aggressive treatment.

Is soft tissue cancer curable?

In the case of advanced tumors that have already formed metastases at various locations, the aim of chemotherapy is to stop the tumor from spreading and to relieve tumor-related symptoms. At this point, healing is usually no longer possible.

What is the difference between a carcinoma and a sarcoma?

“karkinos” = cancer). A benign tumor that grows from gland cells is called an adenoma (Greek aden = gland). Sarcomas, on the other hand, are malignant tumors that develop from muscle or connective tissue (Greek:

How does a sarcoma develop?

The specific origin of sarcomas has not been conclusively clarified. However, there seem to be various factors that can at least favor it. For example, radiation is a possible risk factor. Asbestos or PVC are also said to be linked to the formation of sarcomas.

Where do sarcomas spread?

Prognosis of soft-tissue sarcomas Local recurrences at the site of the primary tumor occur in only 10 to 20% of patients, more frequently (40 to 60% of all patients) are metastases in other organs, especially in the lungs, more rarely in the bones or the liver.

How does a benign tumor develop?

They arise due to an overgrowth of connective and glandular tissue. According to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), fibroadenomas feel rubbery and can be easily moved. This benign tumor often forms between the 20th and 40th

What types of sarcomas are there?

Two large groups can be distinguished: sarcomas of the skeletal system and sarcomas of the soft tissue. There are also carcinosarcomas, i.e. mixed tumors that contain both malignant epithelial cells (=carcinoma) and malignant mesenchymal cells (=sarcoma).

Is a soft tissue tumor dangerous?

A malignant soft tissue tumor can develop in different places in the body, for example on the back or the arms – but it usually forms on the legs. The cancer cells can spread through the blood vessels to other organs (such as the lungs) and form secondary tumors (metastases) there.

What is soft tissue sarcoma?

Soft tissue sarcomas are malignant tumors that arise from mesenchymal tissue. The mesenchymal tissues include bone and muscle tissue, fat and peripheral nerve tissue, as well as the tissue of blood and lymphatic vessels.

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