How does employer find out about severe disabilities?

How does employer find out about severe disabilities?

Although the employer must notify the integration office of the dismissal of a severely disabled employee during the probationary period, the authority does not have to consent. Once the first six months have passed, you can safely inform the boss about the severe disability.

When do you have to inform the employer about a severe disability?

In order to take advantage of the special protection against dismissal, you have three weeks after receiving the notice to inform the boss. The special protection against dismissal stipulates that the representatives of the severely disabled must be involved in your case.

When does a disability turn into a severe disability?

Only people with a degree of disability of 50 or more are considered severely disabled. If the degree of disability is less than 50, but at least 30, the person concerned can be treated on an equal footing with people with severe disabilities under certain circumstances.

What rights do severely disabled people have at work?

According to Section 208 SGB IX, severely disabled people are entitled to additional paid vacation of five working days in the vacation year. If you work less than five days a week, you are only partially entitled to additional leave as a severely disabled person.

How high is the GdB for depression?

This form of depression is rated in the GdB table with a “degree of disability” from 30 to 40 or, depending on the severity, from 50 to 70. Thus, the person affected is classified as severely disabled only because of his or her depressive illness.

What does a disability count?

“People are disabled if their physical function, mental ability or mental health has a high probability of deviating from the state typical of their age for more than six months and therefore their participation in life in society is impaired.

What am I entitled to at GdB 30?

Persons with a GdB of at least 30 can be treated on an equal footing with severely disabled people. According to the law, equality should take place if someone cannot get or keep a suitable job without equality due to his or her disability.

What does a GdB of 20 mean?

The GdB is graduated in steps of ten and can be between 20 and 100. From a grade of 20 one is considered to be disabled. Severe disability has a degree of at least 50. “The disabilities and their effects are viewed as a whole, not as impairments in isolation from one another.”

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