How does Icebreaker work at Lovoo?

How does Icebreaker work at Lovoo?

When someone sends you an icebreaker, a push notification will notify you about it. The arrival of a new Icebreaker is also displayed in a special way within the app. Important: You can only open one Icebreaker at a time. So every icebreaker has to be processed.

When is it displayed online on Lovoo?

If a user does not log out of Lovoo and log out, the green point is displayed. So you are initially still online in Lovoo, regardless of whether you are active in Lovoo. It is the same when you are logged into the app.

How long does the green dot stay with Lovoo?

5 answers. This is not entirely true, as long as the user does not log off, the green dot is there. This does not mean that the person is active in Lovoo. Only when you log out via the app does the green dot disappear … ..

What happens if you are reported to Lovoo?

On the one hand, users have the option to report other users. If a user has been reported frequently, an automatic check is carried out and the user is blocked (read: marked as spammer). He can then no longer use the app and is no longer visible to other users.

How do you pause at Lovoo?

To do this, go to the “My profile settings” section by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner. Please note that a premium membership is not interrupted by the pause of the profile and a pause does not cancel an ongoing subscription. You can reactivate your profile at any time!

What is the ghost mode on Lovoo?

In ghost mode, which you can switch on and off under “Privacy”, you remain invisible when it comes to profile views and are displayed as offline.

Can you switch off the location on Lovoo?

Click the play button at the bottom right to fake the wrong location. You can end the whole thing by pressing the stop symbol in the lower left corner of the app. But keep in mind: If you change the location of the Lovoo app, you will not be able to arrange spontaneous meetings.

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