How does media affect children?

How does media affect children?

The common view of media use is that the frequent use of tablets, PCs, smartphones etc. in children can lead to reduced concentration, motor clumsiness, attachment disorders and social disorder patterns in general.

What does the term mean?

The word term is used to address the meaning of a designation or idea. In everyday language and in certain technical languages, “concept” is also used vaguely for the linguistic designation (for a word or phrase) rather than for its meaning.

What does the term podcast mean?

Term: Audio and video contributions that can be obtained via the Internet. The term podcast is an artificial word made up of pod for “play on demand” and cast, abbreviated from the term broadcast.

What does the word Wikipedia mean?

Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopedia and the largest collaborative collection of free knowledge in nearly 300 languages. The name Wikipedia is composed of wiki, Hawaiian for ‘fast’ and encyclopedia, English for ‘encyclopedia’.

What are wikis and what distinguishes them?

Wikis are widespread, easy-to-use systems that make it possible to publish content on the Internet that can be edited by a large number of users. Wikis (the Hawaiian term “wiki” means fast) are very simple Content Management Systems (CMS).

What does the word German mean?

The term German derives from the Old High German diutisc (West Franconian *Þeodisk), which originally meant “belonging to the people” (Germanic Þeudā, Old High German diot[a] “People”).

What is a free?

gratia = thanks) is an adverb used in German to mean “without having to pay anything for it; free of charge, free of charge. …

What do you mean by organize?

Etymologically, “organization” is derived from the verb “organize” according to the Duden dictionary (“arrange, design, set up, build up”), which goes back to French organe for “tool”, “provided with organs”, “assemble into a viable whole”. …

Who makes Wikipedia entries?

The principle of “Wikipedia” is very simple: Anyone with Internet access can contribute to the worldwide encyclopedia. And that too without being registered. Normally, an author writes a short article on a keyword.

How do I make a Wikipedia entry?

The best way to successfully create a Wikipedia entry is to keep these principles in mind: Consider relevance criteria. Use unique topics. Take a neutral point of view. Write fact-based content. Don’t advertise.

Can anyone write on Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia community includes all authors who write for Wikipedia. However, every reader can check and control. If he finds an error in an article, he can report it to Wikipedia.

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