How does openPetition work?

How does openPetition work?

openPetition accompanies people in starting, publicizing and handing over petitions. People signed open petitions. In addition, 2,644 opinions were submitted by MEPs on petitions that previously reached the openPetition quorum.

Where can I submit petitions?

Petitions can be submitted in writing by post, online on the European Parliament’s website or by email. The European Parliament receives around 1,000 petitions every year. Some of these are also dealt with in the parliamentary plenary session.

How do I sign a petition?

Those who “sign” an online petition do so either by emailing the petitioner or by entering their name and email address on a website.

Who can sign a petition?

Every person – regardless of age or nationality – has the right to submit a written petition to a federal authority. The authority must take note of the petition. As a rule, however, the authorities go further: they deal with the petitions and respond to them.

What is a petition simply explained?

A petition is a complaint or a request. Article 17 of the Basic Law contains the right to petition: “Everyone has the right, individually or in association with others, to address requests or complaints in writing to the competent authorities and to the people’s representative body.”

What is a parliamentary petition?

The right to petition is a fundamental right (Art. 17 GG, Art. Petitions are examined in the Bavarian state parliament if they concern the actions of Bavarian authorities or such public bodies that are under the supervision of the Free State of Bavaria (e.g. municipalities, universities, Broadcast).

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