How Does Technology Transform The Way We Live Brainly

We have become a society of gadgets, and technology has a profound effect on our lives. But it has also changed the way we live our brains. Here are three ways technology has changed the way we live brainily. Read on to learn more! – Technology has made it possible to reduce the need for manual labour. As a result, birth rates declined and cities were developed. DNA testing saved many lives.

Technology and media are interconnected. Since the invention of the printing press, technology has affected how we share information and express ourselves. Technology has also altered the ways in which we communicate with one another. In the last two centuries, communication has changed dramatically. People used to write letters and pass on news to friends and family, but today, it is possible to share any information with others by just posting it online.

Education has seen a dramatic shift. Up until recently, only the elite could go to school. People of all ages now have access to formal education. While many aspects of education remain the same as in the past, modern technology has greatly increased access to this kind of learning. For example, a 14th century illustration of a university lecture in medieval Italy illustrates the same process. The image shows the teacher standing at a podium while students are seated in rows. Some students seem to be following along while others appear bored or distracted. One student seems to be asleep.

Social scientists have tried to solve the digital divide. Access to the internet and computers in the West has increased dramatically while access to the periphery has remained stagnant. Despite the fact that technology access has increased, it is still uneven and concentrated in the most affluent areas. This gap is a growing challenge and a potential solution to many global social problems.

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