How Does The Author Express His Opinion In This Passage

In order to answer the question, you must first determine how the author expresses his opinion in this passage. To do this, you will need to understand the arguments presented by the writer. In many cases, he argues that a certain idea is more important than another. He also explains why his argument is more important than another’s. Then you must answer the other questions related to the argument in this passage.

One of the most difficult aspects of analyzing a passage is figuring out the author’s intention. While some passages explicitly state their purpose, others leave the reader to infer their own. Understanding the author’s intent will help you follow his ideas and understand his main idea. The author uses various devices to achieve this, including word choice and placement. A smart reader will be able to identify the logic behind the passage’s structure.

In this passage, the author emphasizes one resident. He does not add his personal opinion. This quote allows us to see the determination of this resident and how he was able to survive the storm. In addition, he compares the integrity of the old structure with that of the new one. He then lists the ways in which the house was rebuilt. And he uses the same examples throughout the passage to show how different ways of rebuilding a house are similar and why they work.

When reading a passage, try to figure out the author’s purpose. Some passages state the author’s purpose directly. Others leave it to the reader to infer. Knowing the author’s intention will help you understand the main idea and follow his ideas. Often, word choice, placement, and emphasis are used to support a particular purpose. A thoughtful reader will be able to recognize the author’s logic and intentions.

The author uses powerful words to express his opinions. Some passages explicitly state the purpose of the author while others leave it to the reader to determine it. To understand the main idea, you must follow the ideas of the author. Consider the use of language and word placement. In the case of a literary passage, it is common to have many different purposes. For example, the purpose of the writer may be to convey his opinion about a topic.

During the second half of the passage, the author uses phrases such as “the whole hull resonates” and “ethereal moans.” In addition, he makes use of phrases like “sound penetrates the body” and “sound makes the air in your sinuses vibrate in sympathy.” These are examples of the way the author’s words can express his opinion. The author has a clear purpose in this passage, so it’s essential to figure out what it is.

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