How Far Is The Coimbra Wreck From Fire Island Inlet

How far is the Coimbra wreck from Fire Island Inlet? The Coimbra is a famous British merchant vessel that was sunk in the early 1940s near Shinnecock, N.Y. It was carrying nearly two dozen tanks of cargo, including lubricating oil. It was unlikely that any oil or other hazardous materials were spilled into the sea and there was no shoreline damage.

The wreck was sunk during World War II by a German U-boat. The salvage contractor removed 476,000 gallons of oil from the wreck, and a single pinhole leak caused oil to spill out. The work was completed by July. The project required a remotely operated vehicle weighing in at 6,000 pounds. A team of experts worked around the clock to remove the oil. The ship is now ready to be refloated, and visitors can view it from the beach.

Fishing for bluefin and yellowfin tuna is also a popular activity near the Coimbra wreck. Many anglers troll the area early in the morning for these big species. Jigging is the best technique for targeting tuna, which feed deep in the ocean. For trolling, jigging is a popular way to catch tuna.

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