How Have You Seen God’s Activity This Week

When we think of our daily bread, we tend to think of a few individuals. In reality, there are countless people who participate in God’s activity each day. Farmers plant seeds, truck drivers transport food, grocery store clerks sell the items we need, and even bankers provide financial resources. These people are often taken for granted, but God is actively involved with our lives. We can remind ourselves of His faithfulness by documenting His activities and be reassured of His goodness by sharing our experiences. We also might see our faith restored in God by sharing our experiences with others.

This week we are asked to love one another, pray for one another, and share our lives. Jesus taught us to pray and love others. We can pray for what worries or good things we face in our lives, and we can also pray for those things that make us laugh or cool. We can even remember our God when we feel scared, and we can pray about them. Those who don’t have faith can be discouraged.

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