How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant By Cindy Bosley

Although most people have never been to a beauty pageant they have all experienced the quiet pageantry of everyday life. We are under constant pressure to appear well-to-do and perform well in public. In How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant, a published poet and teacher examines the intricacies of beauty pageants and the mother-daughter relationship.

While many people are against pageants and beauty queens, this novel challenges these stereotypes. It suggests that pageant queens must have perfect bodies and a perfect lifestyle. Bosley, however, is far from perfect and demonstrates that it is unrealistic to expect anyone else to be perfect, whether or not they participate in a pageant. While this may seem like a novel-length book, many readers will find it a compelling read.

In How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant, Bosley reveals that her mother had hidden hopes for her daughter. Bosley’s mother had a different motive than most parents. She wanted her daughter to be successful and she wanted to make her mother proud. The book shows that even the most successful parents can be subject to pressure and that it’s okay to fail.

You can also compete in the Teen Miss Pageant Gal America 2012 competition as a young girl. This competition is for girls aged thirteen to fifteen years old. The competitions include Beauty and Outfit of Choice. It is not uncommon to see older girls competing. There is something for everyone! And what better way to celebrate your inner beauty than a pageant?

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