How important is the IHK certificate?

How important is the IHK certificate?

The certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts shows which training was specifically involved. As formal proof of the candidate’s performance, the IHK certificate is considered by many to be the more important certificate compared to the vocational school certificate.

What does partially in the report mean?

If the certificate only contains a part of what was specified in the curriculum, then important knowledge is still missing. According to the certificate, could your child e.g. B.

What should you do if you have a bad report card?

This is what you can do if you have a bad job reference Direct contact. The first route should take you to your boss or Human Resources. Written objection. Court action.

What certificates should you include in an application?

Applicants with a lot of professional experience should omit school reports, but the highest academic certificate or training certificate must not be missing. Current job references that match the job are also relevant. As a rule, the last three certificates are sufficient.

Can I apply without a job reference?

Especially when applying. If you can’t show any job references, you’ll quickly come under general suspicion, which could have a negative reason – for example, because the applicant wants to hide a particularly bad reference. In fact, you can also apply without a certificate.

Which attachments should I send with my application?

Attachments: Mandatory information + optional documents References (max. ➠ References from the last job (possibly proof of training. ➠ Certificate of the highest educational qualification (training, studies) Certificates and certificates (optional) ➠ Certificate of good conduct (if required) References and letters of recommendation (optional)

What if you don’t have a job reference?

If you don’t have a job reference, but can show a reference, you don’t have such a bad hand: Because the reference names a personal contact person who the HR manager can turn to.

Are job references mandatory?

A job reference only has to be created if the employee requests it. At the end of a vocational training relationship, however, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to request this first.

What to do if no work reference is issued?

If the job reference is not issued, you should ask your employer to do so again in writing and within a reasonable period of time. A specialist lawyer for labor law can help you assert your claims against the former employer.

By when does an employer have to issue a certificate?

However, the regional labor court ruled unequivocally that a final certificate only has to be issued 2 to 3 weeks after the end of the employment relationship. In addition, an employee must request that the certificate be issued before a claim for damages can even arise.

What deadline for job reference?

A typical contractual period for issuing a job reference is four weeks after leaving the company. The works council or a look at the collective agreement provides information on collective bargaining deadlines. The statutory period expires one year after leaving the company.

How long can you request a work reference?

Today, according to the GewO, the right to a job reference is limited to a period of three years. However, the right to a job reference can be forfeited at an early stage if the employee does not assert it for a long period of time.

Where can I have my job reference checked?

Professional. If you want to have a certificate additionally checked, contact a specialist lawyer for labor law or a certificate advisor. Trade unions such as Verdi offer free reference advice for members.

Can you ask for a good job reference?

A job reference is particularly important for professional advancement. However, while the employee has a legal right to an employment reference when the employment relationship ends, he can only request an interim reference if he can prove a “legitimate interest”.

How do I request a work reference?

How to request a job reference Set a two-week deadline by which you need the job reference. If you no longer work for the company, write a separate letter. If you are still an employee, use your resignation directly to request a certificate.

Can you request a simple and qualified work reference?

However, the employer only has to issue the job reference at the request of the employee. The employee actively requests the reference from the employer! You can request a simple job reference OR a qualified job reference – but you have to decide on one type of reference.

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