How important is the minor in your studies?

How important is the minor in your studies?

The minor serves to give you enough knowledge in another course. You have fewer hours than your major and you have to take fewer courses. Your major consists of many more courses and therefore more learning effort.

How important is the minor?

Definitely not irrelevant! Not only math, English and German are important at school, but also the minor subjects.

Which minor to computer science?

I’m now studying a master’s degree in computer science in the 3rd semester. in the bachelor’s program we had the choice between the following subjects: math, business administration, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine or a special application subject (e.g. psychology at the lmu). So it’s good to have at least studied business administration as a minor.

What are the majors?

The subjects German, mathematics and the first foreign language are generally designated as main subjects at general education schools (in the secondary level 1). At secondary level 2 (grades 12 and 13 or

How much do majors count?

For example, if majors count twice, the formula changes accordingly. Sum of the grades in the main subjects times 2 + sum of the grades in the individual subjects. The result is then divided by the number of grades, with majors then counting twice.

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