How in demand are mechanical engineers?

How in demand are mechanical engineers?

A decline in demand is not in sight. Around 1.2 million engineers and IT specialists are currently employed nationwide, a new record. Engineers in energy and electrical engineering are particularly in demand in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Where can you work as a mechanical engineer?

Where can you work after your mechanical engineering degree? In mechanical engineering, as in most engineering professions, there is a very wide range of fields of application. The core areas for mechanical engineers are design and manufacture.

What do you have to be able to do for mechanical engineering?

To study mechanical engineering, you need a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification. At some universities you can study mechanical engineering without a high school diploma. For this, you should have several years of professional experience or a master’s degree.

How much does a mechanical engineer earn?

As a mechanical engineer, you can expect an average salary of 39,900.

Where do you earn the most as a mechanical engineer?

EUR 46,500 per year, with a master’s degree at around EUR 49,000. A mechanical engineer can make the most money in large companies. The best paid is vehicle technology in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

How much does a mechanical engineer earn per month?

That is a month’s earnings between EUR 2,625 and EUR 4,583 gross. The average annual salary as a mechanical engineer is 42,551 EUR gross. Half of the wages and salaries collected are above EUR 43,000 gross, which means gross monthly earnings of EUR 3,583.

What do you earn after studying mechanical engineering?

Starting salary in mechanical engineering After completing your studies, you can expect a starting salary of around 49,179 euros in the first two years of your work as a mechanical engineer, according to the Stepstone salary report 2018. There are slight differences between Bachelor and Master graduates.

What does an engineer earn after 10 years?

On average, the salaries of engineers increase slowly after 5 years and significantly after 10 years of professional experience. After 10 years in the job, engineers across all professions earn an average of € 66,200. After the 10th year of work, the average engineer salary is around € 81,800.

How much does a mechanical engineer at BMW make?

Mechanical Engineer salaries at BMW can range from € 87,063- € 95,177. This estimate is based on 1 BMW Mechanical Engineer salary (s) posted by employees or calculated using statistical methods.

How much does a BMW engineer earn?

The typical BMW Engineer salary is € 69,559. Engineer salaries at BMW can range from € 52,898- € 126,694.

How much do you earn at BMW?

Find out how much you can earn at BMW Group … Salary at BMW Group.Job titleLocationSalary / yearEngineerMunich81,200 € Project managerMunich78,000 € Automobile salesmanMunich49,600 € Development engineerMunich77,400 € 16

How much do you earn as an engineer?

With a Bachelor of Engineering your starting salary is on average 40,303 euros gross, with a Master’s 43,392 euros. The difference between the degrees is therefore large. After ten years of professional experience, your gross salary can rise to 67,000 euros per year.

How much does an engineer earn net?

Salary according to tariff The engineer salary at a company without a collective agreement is on average 4,778 euros gross per month, the net earnings in tax class 1 should therefore be 2,736 euros.

Where can you earn the most as an engineer?

Superlative salaries The basic salary of engineers with the highest level of responsibility is 84,600 euros and, with allowances, 108,000 euros. That leaves the largest economy in the world: the USA. The land of superlatives also lives up to its reputation when it comes to engineering salaries.

How much do you earn as an engineer at Mercedes?

Average The typical salary for a development engineer at Daimler is € 79,204. Development Engineer salaries at Daimler can range from € 56,228- € 106,505.

How much do you earn at Mercedes?

Interns receive an average monthly salary of 769 euros. The average manager salaries are 104,727 euros per year. The average annual salary of a development engineer is 79,500 euros. As a project manager, you earn an average of 70,833 euros a year.

How much does a foreman earn at Mercedes?

Foreman salaries at Daimler can range from € 56,580- € 61,059.

How much does a car salesman earn at Mercedes?

The typical salary for a Daimler car salesman is € 87,867. Car salesperson salaries at Daimler can range from € 68,626- € 115,327.

How much do you earn as a car salesman?

The average starting salary as a car salesman is around € 25,000 gross per year. With 4-9 years of experience, the gross wage for car salespeople rises to around € 31,000, while a car salesman with more than 10 years of professional experience can expect earnings of around € 42,000.

What does a designer earn at Mercedes?

When making their selection, the creative minds mainly rely on tried and tested products: Audi, BMW and Mercedes are particularly popular. Designers who are responsible for part of a collection earn around 55,000 to 78,000 euros. Hardly any of them are entitled to a company vehicle.

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