How is a scene structured?

How is a scene structured?

The table of contents of the respective scene: Write in the present tense and reproduce exactly the content of the situation in the same order as described, but if possible do not use quotes here. Name the linguistic means that the author uses in the scene: For example metaphors, alliterations or symbols.

What must go into a drama analysis?

A drama analysis consists of an introduction, a main part and an ending … The introduction of a drama analysis includes: Classification of the scene: In which play does the scene appear? (Work, author, year of creation or at which point of the piece is the scene? (Act, scene or elevator)

What is the contextualization?

Context is the surrounding text, the rest of the text. If you really want to understand a scene, you need to know the context, previous processes and what follows. When contexting, you should place the scene in the overall context of the piece.

What is an introduction to the text passage?

An introduction means that you DESCRIBE the topic UP to the point you are supposed to explain. in the introduction you describe everything and in the introduction only what happens in front of the position.

How do you put a passage in the context?

How do you classify a text passage? For epic texts (narrative texts) e.g. For example, they read: Place the chapter in the course of the plot / the events of the story / the novel. For dramatic texts (plays): Place the text passage / scene in the course of the plot of the overall drama.

What is a classification of the text passage?

The classification of a scene in the context of the drama means a brief introduction against the background of the previous plot of the work. This introduction is not a synopsis. Instead, it should prepare for the most important topics of the text passage in a targeted manner (e.g. in the case of Faust).

What is the context of the action?

Contexts of action are frames of interpretation that an interpreting observer uses to create a coherent interpretation. Every phenomenon is related to an action because every observation is an action. The observer postulates contexts of action in order to be able to describe phenomena in a meaningful way.

What is a scene in a drama?

The scene is the smallest subdivision of the drama. In classic drama, the scene is usually determined by the appearance or departure of one or more people. The scene is therefore also known as an appearance.

How do you write an interpretation of a passage?

The work instructions for interpretations are usually very simple. They often only consist of a single instruction, such as: “Interpret. “… 1.IntroductionName of the author.Name of the work.Classification of the text passage.Short and clear summary of the text passage. Indication of a first hypothesis.

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