How is a scene structured?

How is a scene structured?

The table of contents of the respective scene: Write in the present tense and reproduce exactly the content of the situation in the same order as described, but if possible do not use quotes here. Name the linguistic means that the author uses in the scene: For example metaphors, alliterations or symbols.

How is a scene analysis structured?

The main part of the scene analysis is divided into two large task areas (table of contents and dialogue analysis). First, the content of the scene is summarized in a similar way to a table of contents. The W-questions (who, what, where, how, when and why) have to be answered.

What goes into a scene analysis?

Structure of a drama analysis The introduction consists of the choice of a heading, the introductory sentence and a transition to the main part. The main part is split into a table of contents, an interpretation hypothesis and a dialogue analysis. In the end you summarize your results and draw a personal conclusion.

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