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How is a student room set up successfully?

Living in a shared apartment or a one-room apartment can be a real challenge for any young person, especially at the beginning of their studies. Often you spend a long time studying in a small shared room. Thus, the desk and the bed serve as the main pieces of furniture in the room. The practical design of the available space is therefore a must.
With a few tricks you will be able to create a practical and beautiful room. Continue reading:

A comfortable bed is the norm. Even with an otherwise simple facility, the body has to relax as much as possible at night. So invest in a high-quality mattress and leave the pull-out sofas to one side.
A cozy bedspread brings warmth and can quickly cover the unmade bed (it happens to all of us) if necessary. The color-coordinated decorative pillows create a real relaxation zone.

Position the desk cleverly next to the window for sufficient daylight

Position the desk cleverly next to the window for sufficient daylight

Furnishing the bedroom, living by the hour, flat share room

Forget the sofa, take a comfortable bed instead

The next essential part of room design is the desk. It should offer enough space to work and to store textbooks and utensils. A clear organization ensures order and a visually pleasant appearance.
Additional storage space is often a must. From storage boxes to shelving systems, everyone will find something for themselves.

Cork board desk design decorative ladder wall design

Achieve cosiness through natural materials and nuances

Room interior world map beanbag

Minimum number of furniture with maximum functionality

Plan shared accommodation shelving system students live

The small room can look colorful

Office furniture study area student room

Room design conducive to creativity

The modular shelving systems are a great solution, by the way, because they are adaptable and easy to use. The cabinet modules like these can be assembled individually, thus ensuring order and a uniform, harmonious effect.

Cabinet modules Cabinet boxes

Modular shelving systems can be used flexibly

The individual design makes the student room an interesting place because everyone designs it in a very creative and informal way. The furnishings should suit your personal taste and be extremely practical. A mix of styles can often be found in an ordinary student room.

Room relaxed atmosphere studio flat design

Have everything you need ready and at hand – student life in a shared apartment

When designing the wall, a creative approach is therefore often used because wall stickers or pictures are a temporary decoration option. Are you interested in numerous trips abroad after graduation? How about a playful version of the world map on the wall?

Wall design cork

No ordinary world map

Even the small single room can be stylish. Rely on light colors for more space in the room and don’t forget to let in enough daylight!

Furnishing ideas flat share simple style

Student room in a minimalist, modern living style

Can you think of any other tips when designing your shared flat? Let us know.

The design of the flat share can be done with a few simple tricks and without great expense. Take a look at our great living examples.

Furnishing shared accommodation for student life

Give the typical student apartment a unique touch

Work table study area boy modern

Trendy design in white

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