How is an article structured in English?

How is an article structured in English?

If you want to write a newspaper article yourself, you should also pay attention to a logical structure. Your sentences should not be formulated too long and complicated and should be meaningfully linked by conjunctions (linking words). You should also structure the article with paragraphs.

How to write a newspaper article in English

When writing a newspaper article, remain as objective as possible. Do not describe the events one-sidedly and refrain from bringing in your own opinion. You should also be careful not to exaggerate the information and not to use clich├ęs (stereotypes).

How to write a report in English?

A report should always have the following structure: summary, introduction, main part, conclusion and/or recommendations for action. The tense for the English report is always the past tense: simple past.

How to write a travelogue in English

A travelogue typically consists of a headline (heading), introduction (introduction), main part (main part) and ending (conclusion) – in this order.

How do you make a book report?

A book review must be written as objectively as possible, i.e. factually. A book review is a personal assessment and may therefore be written subjectively. Please select the correct statements. Content playback should only describe the most important events.

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