How is endurance trained?How is endurance trained?

How is endurance trained?

Endurance can be trained in different ways and in a fun way. There are many sports that train endurance: aerobics, zumba, inline skating, jogging, cycling, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, Nordic walking, rowing, swimming, orienteering or hiking.

Why should you exercise regularly?

Sport is important for the heart, circulatory system and metabolism. Despite the greater exertion, blood pressure drops because the blood can be pumped through the veins more easily and the heart has to work against less resistance. Regular exercise strengthens and strengthens the heart muscles.

Why is cardio important?

Cardio training – the best for your health. Cardio training not only gets the heart and circulation going and reduces stress, but also has many other positive effects. Athletes of all ages benefit from this!

What does fitness do to our body?

First of all, endurance sport improves the oxygen absorption capacity and increases the stroke volume of the heart. This significantly improves the oxygen uptake of the cells, the vessels are better supplied with blood, which means that the cells can be supplied with more nutrients.

Why is sport important for the body?

When we exercise, our body releases the happy hormones endorphin and dopamine and thus has a similar effect on our body as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs – only a lot healthier. Therefore, exercise can even help fight addictions.

Why is exercise important for children explained?

Exercise and physical activity play an undisputedly important role. Especially for children: They discover the world in and through movement. Exercise contributes significantly to the healthy physical, mental and psychosocial development of children.

What does healthy eating do to the body?

A healthy diet helps to do something good for the body and thus oneself. It’s not just your figure that thanks you – it also has a positive effect on your mood and general well-being. The blood pressure remains stable, the heart healthy.

What to eat in a day

Fruit and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, health-maintaining secondary plant substances as well as important carbohydrates and roughage. The rule of thumb is “5 a day”, five portions of fruit and vegetables a day – that makes a total of around 500 to 800 grams. To put it more clearly: one portion is a handful.

What should you eat every day?

7 Foods Athletes Should Eat Every DayWalnuts are the perfect nerve food. Blueberries are allowed in muesli every morning. Green leafy vegetables are allowed on the plate every day. Oatmeal as an all-rounder breakfast. Eat low-fat quark and yoghurt every day. Incorporate tomatoes into every dish.

What is a healthy diet for weight loss?

The EAT SMARTER diet plan for weight loss provides around 2100 calories per day for men and around 1600 calories for women. For women, about 400 calories should fall on breakfast and 450 calories each on lunch and dinner. Two light snacks of 150 calories each are also allowed.

How many calories to lose weight per day?

As a rough estimate, men up to the age of 50 should consume around 2000 kilocalories per day and women around 1800 kilocalories. In theory, if you want to lose weight successfully, you simply need to consume fewer calories per day than you expend and the pounds will start falling off.

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