How is our purchasing behavior influenced?

How is our purchasing behavior influenced?

Vouchers, tokens, discounts and perks have a positive impact on our purchasing behavior. The product is particularly attractive due to the price savings, which are noticed immediately after the purchase and thus represent an equivalent value.

What is advertising doing to us?

Information function: Advertising aims to provide information that makes the benefits or performance of a product clear to the consumer. Therefore, advertising must be designed in such a way that it awakens longings, dreams and feelings in the desired target group, which influence all purchasing decisions.

What is consumer behavior?

1st term: Purchasing, consumption and information behavior of private households. Type of goods and services purchased, preferred shopping locations, role of individual household members in purchase and consumption and the factors influencing this process.

What is Consuming Explained to Children?

“Consumption” refers to everything that people “consume” in everyday things, such as food. This also includes clothing or a CD that you don’t eat but use. A visit to the cinema is also one of these consumer goods. When people consume, they spend money.

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