How is the Abitur exam scored?

How is the Abitur exam scored?

The result of the written Abitur exams (0 to 15 points) is counted four times, the two oral exams consist of four individual grades. In the written exam in a modern foreign language, the written part is weighted five times and the oral part is weighted once.

How many points do I have to have in the Abitur exam?

At least 200 of the 600 possible points must be achieved in order to be admitted to the Abitur examinations, and another 100 points more to pass the Abitur!

How much do the advanced courses count?

The sum of all points from the eight advanced courses must be 80 in double evaluation, that of the 24 basic courses 120 (single evaluation). If it turns out after one semester that you do not meet these conditions, you must go back to the following year.

How are deficits counted?

If you have less than 5 points in one subject (i.e. a deficit), you can compensate for this by doing better in another subject, as long as you still get 200 points overall. However, one may not have more than 7 or 8 deficits, with a maximum of 3 in advanced courses.

How many advanced courses do you have to choose NRW?

In the second half of the introductory phase (EF), the students decide which two courses they want to take as advanced courses in the last two school years (Q1/Q2). There are a number of rules that must be observed during the elections.

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