How long can the public prosecutor’s office take?

How long can the public prosecutor’s office take?

The limitation period is at least 5 years. So there is still much, much time to finish the process. It could of course also be that the matter has since been discontinued and you have just not been informed about it.

How long does it take to discontinue the proceedings?

That depends on the gravity of the offense and the workload of the prosecutor. And then the court has to decide whether to allow the main hearing. Can take two weeks or a year.

How long does it take for criminal proceedings to be closed?

Depending on the size of the case, the criminal proceedings can last from a few weeks to several years. The lawyer and court costs are borne by the defendant himself in the event of a conviction (exception possible in juvenile criminal proceedings), in the case of an acquittal the state treasury.

What does discontinuation mean?

In Germany’s criminal procedural law, the termination of the criminal proceedings means the termination of the proceedings if the question of guilt is kept open. The proceedings may be discontinued at any stage of the investigation. …

What does the temporary suspension of the proceedings mean?

Termination of the proceedings in the event of temporary obstacles 1If the main hearing is prevented for a long time by the absence of the accused or another obstacle inherent in him or her, the court can temporarily terminate the proceedings by resolution.

Who bears the costs if the proceedings are closed?

The public prosecutor’s office has approved the setting. The State Treasury bears the costs of the proceedings. The necessary expenses incurred by the person concerned are not imposed on the state treasury for reasons of equity.

Who bears the costs of the public defender?

In principle, the client pays. Only in the case of a compulsory defense can the lawyer settle accounts with the state treasury. The court will only assign a public defender if it is required by law, for example if pre-trial detention is ordered.

Who bears the costs for the lawyer?

Who has to pay the fees. pay for the lawyer? In fact, the legal basis on which the lawyer receives his remuneration is the lawyer’s contract with his client. Therefore, whoever hires the lawyer must, in principle, also pay him.

What are the costs of the procedure?

The procedural fee is calculated on the one hand from the amount in dispute and on the other from the factor 1.3. This fee can be determined using tables from the list of fees of the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG). With a value in dispute of 10,000 euros and a factor of 1.0, the fee is 558 euros.

What are the costs of the procedure?

The process costs include court costs (fees, expenses, especially for witnesses) and extrajudicial costs (lawyer and bailiff costs, etc.)

What are the costs of criminal proceedings?

In the case of a judgment in which a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine of up to 180 daily rates is pronounced, the court costs are 140 EUR, for up to one year or a fine of more than 180 daily rates, 280 EUR, for up to two Years 420 EUR, up to four years 560 EUR.

What are the costs of the litigation?

In civil court proceedings, fees are charged for the court, which are based on the amount in dispute. For an amount in dispute of 2,500 euros, for example, the single fee is 108 euros. The single fee is a pure calculation variable that multiplies depending on the instance.

What are the costs of a court hearing?

Again, court fees are due. They now total: Fee from the first instance: 3.0 fee rates 723 euros. Fee from the second instance: 4.0 fee rates 964 euros.

What percentage of the amount in dispute does the lawyer get?

As a rule, lawyers claim the so-called flat-rate expenses. According to No. 7002 VV RVG, 20% of the total fee is added to the legal fees – but a maximum of 20.00 euros. He must also have this instead of the one in No.

What is the cost of a lawyer?

That costs an extrajudicial consultation.If you as a private person need advice from a lawyer or information, the fee for an initial consultation must not be higher than 190 euros plus VAT, i.e. a total of 226.10 euros (Section 34 RVG).

What does a lawyer cost per hour?

According to surveys by the Essen Institute for Lawyer Management, the hourly rate for a sole proprietorship is between 115 euros and 166 euros. Firms with more than 100 lawyers call hourly rates between 290 euros and 376 euros. The average hourly rate for all German lawyers is 180 euros.

Where can I have legal fees checked?

Control at the bar association The fees set by a lawyer are checked in a court case by means of an expert opinion by the bar association. The chamber then determines whether the correct fees have been charged and whether these are also appropriate for the case.

What does an interview with a lawyer cost?

The value that is being disputed is basically still the basis today, albeit with a “lid” for the first consultation (first interview) with the lawyer. The costs of an initial consultation with a lawyer can therefore not exceed 190 euros plus VAT. be.

What is an initial consultation?

According to the rulings of the Federal Court of Justice, an initial consultation is a “general, approximate initial consultation”. This does not include that the lawyer first makes himself knowledgeable or that he summarizes the initial consultation in writing.

What does it cost to have a lawyer calculate the maintenance?

Alimony calculation from a lawyer from € 79.95 A calculation can also be made in between, if there is a justified assumption that the alimony payer has a higher income. But the maintenance payer can also recalculate the maintenance claim or have the title changed.

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