How long do I have to keep old pension notices?

How long do I have to keep old pension notices?

The consultant knows that employers or health insurance companies have to keep the papers for a maximum of 30 years. He therefore recommends applying for an initial account clarification to the German Pension Insurance Fund at an early stage in your mid-30s.

How long do I have to keep documents as a private person?

Store for ten years: Private individuals do not usually have to archive bills and other documents for a long time. From 2017, receipts and invoices only have to be submitted on request, explains the income tax aid association. However, these must be kept for two years.

How long must data be kept?

Six years. According to 257 Para. 1 No. 2 and 3 HGB, received commercial letters, reproductions (copies, copies) of dispatched commercial letters, business papers and other documents with commercial and tax relevance are to be kept for six years.

How long do we keep personal data?

1 GDPR, data may only be stored for as long as they are necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were originally collected and stored. Basically, personal data must be deleted after the purpose has been achieved, e.g. by terminating the business relationship.

How long do health insurance certificates have to be kept?

Destruction by the employee can take place no later than five years after receipt of the receipt. Naturally, the storage is to be kept correspondingly shorter if the AU is not in connection with a payment (continued payment of wages).

How long does digital data have to be kept?

The same retention requirements apply to digital documents as to physical documents (paper documents). Electronic invoices must also be kept for ten years. Digital documents must be archived electronically! It is not permitted to print out the documents and keep them on paper!

How long do operating documents have to be kept?

Overview of retention periods Processes / document Retention period Reward documents, e.g. B. on insurance premiums, if booking documents 10 year price lists (if evaluation documents) 10 year logs (if booking documents) 10 year logs for query in automated processing systems 1 year187

Which data has to be archived?

However, there are also cases in which personal data must be archived for a longer period of time due to other legal obligations. Tax law requires companies to keep invoices, booking and bank receipts for ten years.

Why does data need to be archived?

Archiving primarily costs money and resources and does not generate a direct return flow. The right archive strategy can sustainably reduce costs in the medium and long term and create and maintain competitive advantages.

Which documents must be kept in the original?

Only opening balance sheets, annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements need to be kept in the original, even if they are recorded on microfilm or other data carriers (electronic archiving) (Section 257 (3) sentence 1 HGB, Section 147 (2) sentence 1 AO). The storage of all other documents is made easier.

How long do I have to keep emails?

Retention periods for e-mails according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) According to Section 257 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), merchants, for example, are obliged to keep commercial letters that have been sent or received by them for 6 years. The term “commercial letter” includes not only “normal” letters, but also faxes and e-mails.

How to archive emails?

This is how it works: Open with the key combination [Windows]+[E] the Windows file manager. Create a folder named Outlook Archive for archiving emails: File – New – Folder – Outlook Archive.

Which emails have to be archived?

From the legal requirements it follows that every merchant, every trading company, every registered cooperative and every legal person e-mails that concern commercial transactions and are relevant for taxation (§ 257 HGB / §140 AO), for a period of six to must keep for ten years.

How can you archive emails?

To archive Outlook items manually, do the following: click the File tab, click Cleanup Tools, click Archive, click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder you want to archive.

What happens when you archive an email?

Your emails will then be classified under the “All Messages” label. When you archive a message and receive a reply to the archived message, it is moved back to the Inbox. If you ignore a message, all replies to it will no longer appear in your inbox.

Why archive emails?

E-mail archiving not only protects against data loss, but also offers the option of quickly restoring the individual messages required in the event of a server failure – installing a complete backup would take considerably more time.

What does it mean to archive emails?

E-mail archiving (also: e-mail archiving) is the systematic protection and storage (also in a backup) of the data in e-mail messages in order to be able to access them quickly later. In the past, companies often relied on end users to run their own email archives.

What happens when you archive someone?

Archiving a chat does not delete it or save it to your SD card. Archived individual and group chats become visible again as soon as you receive a new message in the respective individual or group chat.

What’s the point of archiving Outlook?

Microsoft’s office software Outlook understands the term “archiving” to mean moving old elements from the active program folder to an external archive folder. In contrast to copying, moving means that the elements are removed from the old folder and added to the new one.

What is an archive?

1) An archive is a collection of computer files that have been combined as a package, for example for backup purposes, for transport, for outsourcing and other purposes.

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