How Long Do Ortho K Lenses Last

How Long Do Ortho-K Lenses Last?

The Ortho-K lenses are a form of corrective lenses that flatten the cornea to change the way light enters the eye. These lenses are very durable and gas permeable, which helps maintain eye health. They should be worn at night and are intended to last two or three days. However, if you take them out before going to bed, you may notice that your vision does not improve as quickly.

To make sure that your new lenses are comfortable, the first night of wearing your new lenses should be the night after your initial visit. You should make sure that you insert the lenses about 10 to 15 minutes before you go to sleep so that they can settle. While you might experience a slight foreign body sensation at first, this should disappear after a few hours of use. You may also notice a noticeable improvement in your vision after the first night.

If you are concerned about the lenses lasting long enough to correct your vision, you should make an appointment with a specialist who specializes in Ortho-K lenses. This type of lens requires a follow-up visit as well as a physical exam. The earlier you start treatment, the better the outcome will be.

In addition to correcting childhood myopia, Ortho-K lenses can also correct hyperopia, astigmatism, and nearsightedness. In fact, anyone with one of these conditions is a good candidate for the treatment. Because of its long-term effectiveness, many people prefer it over laser eye surgery.

Ortho-K lenses may last for one to two years before you need to replace them. Cleaning and caring for your lenses properly can prolong their life. Additionally, most health insurance policies cover the cost of contact lens replacement. This is especially useful if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a large amount of money.

Ortho-K lenses are custom-fit to your eye. They can address the problems that you have with your vision, and regular wear of these lenses will eventually eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. However, they are not a permanent solution, and you will need to wear them for at least a month in order to maintain clear vision.

Myopia is a very common problem. It affects 1.5 billion people worldwide, and its number is expected to rise by a billion by 2020. If you or your child is suffering from it, you should consider Ortho-K lenses. This type of corrective lens is very effective and is becoming the gold standard for treating myopia in children.

As with all contact lenses, you must clean your Ortho-K lenses daily. You should use a sterile rinsing solution to remove any protein. This process is crucial to maintaining the efficacy of your lenses. If you do not, the lenses may become dislodged and cause discomfort. If this happens, you should not panic. During the first few days, you should be used to handling your Ortho-K lenses.

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