How long do you go to middle school?

How long do you go to middle school?

Austria General education middle school (AMS) School section Duration 4 years Levels: 5.8. School level (1st grade) Regular age 1014School qualificationnoneSchool typeNeue Mittelschule (NMS) number323 (NMS 2011/12) 8 additional lines

How long is the M branch?

Zusmarshausen an offer school. The M-Zug is a four-year course in the Augsburg Land West school association at the Zusmarshausen location for secondary school leaving qualifications. It goes from grade 7 to grade 10. Visiting the M train is voluntary.

Is the M train the same as Realschule?

This qualification is equivalent to the secondary school qualification and confers the same authorizations. The focus in the M-Zug is on German, mathematics and English. At the end, these subjects are also examined orally and in writing.

What do I do after middle school?

After successfully completing the (new) middle school, the pupils can attend an upper level of the general high school (AHS upper level) or a vocational middle or higher school.

Can you study after middle school?

The middle schools in Bavaria offer success through practice.

What do you do after the AHS lower level?

It can go on like this: After successfully completing the 4-year AHS lower level, many students switch to the AHS upper level (mostly at the same school location). But you can also attend a vocational secondary school (BMS), a vocational high school (BHS) or a polytechnic school (PTS).

What after the GYMI?

What options are there after school? Federal specialist certificate (EFZ) The majority of school leavers do an apprenticeship after high school. Federal vocational certificate (EBA) Vocational school (BMS) high school. Technical middle school (FMS) Business middle school (WMS) and commercial middle school (HMS)

What comes after special school?

After the special school there is the possibility of further education, provided that the qualification is good. At college or at the adult education center. There are also people who fail to graduate because they are too bad (mostly laziness). They then get a certificate of departure.

What can I do after 9?

School system in Bavaria

What can you do after secondary school?

After secondary school, your child has the opportunity to apply for vocational training with their secondary school leaving certificate. For many apprenticeships, for example in the manual sector, a secondary school leaving certificate is sufficient when applying.

What kind of qualification do you have after 9th grade high school?

The secondary school certificate is acquired at the end of the 9th or 10th grade (depending on the duration of compulsory schooling) at a school with a secondary school branch or a secondary school in the lower secondary level.

What should I do after secondary school?

With the completion of the secondary school you can start various vocational training: in trade, in nursing and in professions as a specialist. Also opticians or. You can learn two-wheel mechatronics after secondary school.

What can you do with a high school diploma in the armed forces?

Even the secondary school leaving certificate gives you many interesting training opportunities in the armed forces. You can choose between technical and skilled trades, but you can also choose to train in the military, medical or chemical fields.

Can you leave the grammar school after the 9th grade?

The repetition assumes that the student does not exceed the maximum duration of the training in lower secondary level. Grades 9 and 10 can be repeated once voluntarily by anyone who has acquired a qualification but has failed to obtain a further eligibility.

What qualification do you have after the 9th grade high school in North Rhine-Westphalia?

Secondary school qualification This is obtained automatically after completing the 9th school year without a central qualification procedure at the Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium, secondary school or comprehensive school.

What kind of degree do you have after 10?

Comprehensive schools can also end with the middle school leaving certificate, which in some federal states is also called middle school leaving certificate, technical college certificate or secondary school certificate. Those who leave grammar school after the tenth grade usually also have an intermediate level of education.

What do I do after the 10th grade of secondary school?

Follow-up paths after 10th grade vocational training in the dual system. at the State Technical College and Vocational School in Munich. at the city. at the vocational high school in Unterschleißheim. at the vocational school in Erding. at the city. at the Theresa-von-Bayern-Schule (Munich) at the vocational high school in Rosenheim.

What kind of average do you need for a secondary school diploma?

Prerequisite for secondary school leaving certificate (see left) Average grade of the final grades in the subjects German, mathematics, English at least satisfactory “3.0” and. Average grade in the other subjects at least satisfactory “3.0”

What cut do you need to pass the secondary school leaving certificate?

The middle school leaving certificate (MSA) consists of the result of the 10th grade (year grades) and the separate MSA exam; both must be passed separately. The prerequisite for passing the 10.

Which cut do you need for the M train?

Grade average in the interim report of the 7th grade in the subjects German, mathematics, English 2.33 or better. If this grade point average is not achieved (2.66), an entrance examination is held.

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