How long does a prologue have to be?

How long does a prologue have to be?

Bawali wrote: Prologue only when an introduction is needed to understand the story. Then limit it to a maximum of 2 book pages if possible. Otherwise it is better to roll up the history in a flashback chapter.

How do I get a publisher for my book?

If you want to look for a publisher for your book and want to take advantage of all opportunities, you should first submit your book to the agencies. Because agencies don’t take a manuscript that has already been rejected by a number of publishers.

What do I earn with a book?

Smaller publishers offer unknown authors a few 1,000 euros as an advance payment, usually less than 5,000 euros. Medium-sized or large publishers can pay € 4,000 to € 7,000. If a publisher expects a book to be a great success, the advance payment can be a medium five-digit number.

How can I better market my book?

Your own email list (in combination with Option 02: Content Marketing) is and will remain the best way to market your book. With your own e-mail list, you have a direct line to your readers, who will be happy when you send them a new e-mail notifying them of a new book.

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