How Long Does A Travel Size Deodorant Last

A good travel size deodorant should last for two to three weeks, depending on the product. A spray or stick deodorant should last for at least a month. A travel-size deodorant should also last at least a month. A smaller quantity isn’t necessarily better. A good rule of thumb is three to five months. Any more than this means the product is either not effective or it’s not high quality.

The average grocery-store stick of deodorant is 75 ml, so a travel-size deodorant should last about one year. Obviously, the amount of deodorant used will vary. If you’re going to be traveling a lot, a larger stick may not last as long. Buying smaller sizes is best when traveling. Generally, travel-sized deodorant sticks should be enough for two to three months of use.

A travel-size deodorant should last around two to three months. It should contain about 50 ml of deodorant and last about two months. However, if you’re traveling frequently and plan to change your deodorant frequently, you’ll need to buy a larger one. A 75ml stick of deodorant should last you at least a month. A standard size of the supermarket stick is around 75 ml.

The length of time a travel-size deodorant can last is up to you. Using deodorant that contains aluminum is best, as it blocks sweat glands. But a small stick will do a great job of keeping you smelling fresh and dry for a longer period of time. If you choose a travel-size stick, it should last for two to three months.

A 75ml stick of deodorant can last for two to three months. A full-size stick can last for about a year. The same goes for antiperspirants. A travel-size deodorant that’s three to four ounces will be effective for two to three months. While the typical grocery-size stick of deodorant is about the same size, you may want to consider rotating them so you can get the most out of them.

While you don’t have to use the same brand everyday, it’s a good idea to keep the amount of deodorant you’re using under control. If you’re not using it, try rotating between different brands to avoid a buildup in your hands. You’ll be glad you did. The smallest stick is about three to five ounces. The smaller the size, the more it lasts.

While the average stick of deodorant can last for about six months, it’s better to choose a travel size version. It’s important to make sure that you’re not overloading yourself with too many products. Ideally, a travel size stick of deodorant should last for about two to three months. Regardless of the type of product, it should be the same as a full-size stick.

A travel-size deodorant should last for about two months. It’s not as effective as a full-sized stick of deodorant, so make sure to keep the amount under control. A travel-size stick of deodorant is the perfect size for any trip. Just make sure to choose a travel-size deodorant with the same potency as your regular one. This will ensure that you’re smelling fresh.

While a travel-size deodorant is usually more effective than a full-sized stick, it’s worth checking the label to make sure it’s not too small. A good-quality travel-size deodorant is not only effective and light, but it’s also more expensive than the same-size stick. Therefore, it’s best to get a travel-size deodorant that is smaller than your usual.

A travel-size deodorant should last a week to two weeks. It’s not recommended to carry a full-size version of a certain product. It’s not worth the extra weight. It’s better to buy a full-sized one instead. A travel-size spray can of a deodorant will usually last for a month or so. It’s best to buy a travel-size spray if you’re on a trip for longer than a few days.

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