How long does general nursing training take?

How long does general nursing training take?

General Nursing Education: the curriculum The new Nursing Education takes three years. After successfully completing the general training, the trainees are qualified nurses.

What do you earn in Nursing Education?

Health and Nurse Training Salary The average gross monthly salary in the first year is 1040 euros. In the second year of training, the salary increases to around 1100 euros and in the third year of training to 1200 euros.

How much does a Ambulatory Care worker make?

According to the salary comparison, as an outpatient nurse you earn between 1,252 and 3,985 euros gross per month. The nationwide average salary is 2,413 euros. Men earn an average of 2,340 euros, women 2,261 euros.

How much do you earn at Caritas?

For example, at Caritas, the wage for unskilled nursing assistants is around 30 percent higher than the state minimum wage of 8.84 euros/hour (as of 2018, area: West; from 2019: 9: 9.35 euros).

What do you do in outpatient care?

What does an outpatient nursing service do? The outpatient nursing service supports those in need of care and their relatives in the care at home. It offers families support and help in everyday life, so that caring relatives can better organize work and care as well as care, for example.

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