How long does it take for Riot to reply?

How long does it take for Riot to reply?

League of Legends Forum But they won’t have forgotten you. Is always different. For me the Riot Support answered after 2 hours and for the next one I had to wait almost 1 week. Sometimes it takes a few days and sometimes weeks.

What’s my Riot ID?

If you want to find out what your Riot ID and tagline are, you need to log into your Riot account. Use the link here to the Riot account homepage. Log in and then click on the Riot ID tab. You will then find your ID there.

How to write in chat in LOL?

If you want to write to a certain person inside or outside the game, you have to write / w “name” and write your message after it, like: “/ w” Phreak “Hello”. The w stands for “whisper”.

What does username have to be unique?

A username must be unique and contain between 1 and 64 alphanumeric characters. A username must be unique and must contain between 1 and 64 alphanumeric characters. In addition to a unique user name and password, users are also given an assigned role.

What is meant by username?

A username or user ID is a name with which a user can log on to a computer, website or program. On the Internet, it is usually used to log into a user account and requires prior registration.

What is a username?

When using a computer or the Internet, one should often provide a username. The user name (“User Name” or “User ID”) can be your own – correct – name, but does not have to be.

What is the username for WLAN?

The username is the SSID, which you can find on the back of your router. Just like the key or the Woan password.

Is the username the same as the email address?

The user / account name of these e-mail addresses is always the same as the e-mail address (entire e-mail address).

What is the email username?

As a user name for your e-mail account, please use your full e-mail address, e.g. In some older e-mail programs you have to convert the “@” character into a “%” character, eg name%

What is username and password?

As a rule, the user name is used in combination with a password to authenticate yourself to the protected area. Usernames are, for example, e-mail addresses, last names, digits, combinations of names and digits or imaginary names and any character strings.

Where can I find the username and password for Outlook?

Go to and sign in with the username for your work or school account and the existing password. > Password.

What is the IMAP username?

This username corresponds to the name of your mailbox (e.g. musterdomainde-0001) or you can use your e-mail address as your username. Use the password for your e-mail mailbox as the IMAP password.

What is my IMAP password?

Depending on the e-mail provider, this is usually your full e-mail address or the part of your e-mail address before the “@” symbol. This is the password for your account. The incoming mail server for an IMAP account can also be referred to as an IMAP server.

Where can I find the IMAP settings?

On the Email tab, double-click the account that you want to connect to the HubSpot software. Under Server Information you will find the names of the incoming mail server (IMAP) and the outgoing mail server (SMTP). The ports for the servers can be found under Additional Settings> Advanced.

Where can I find my IMAP account password?

Then there via Menu> Settings> Passwords> Change e-mail password. On the following page you can display and change your email password. You can set up a new email password in the customer center.

Where can I find my email account?

Google Account Email Open your Google Account. Under Personal Information, select My Personal Information Email. Your Google Account email address. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Where can I find my pop3 password?

Then please click on Settings> Security. There you will find the e-mail / POP3 password management of your main mailbox. To change your password, please click the Edit button in the Password area. You can easily define a new password below.

How do I get my Outlook password?

Opens the Microsoft website. Here you will find the option “I forgot my password” below the input mask for the login data. Enter the Outlook email address in the appropriate field. In addition, you have to enter the security code on the screen.

Where can I see my email password?

To do this, first go to At the top right under the actual login fields you will find the link “Login / Forgot your password? “, Click on this link. On the forgotten password page you have various options for resetting your password.

Where can I change my Outlook password?

Change email password in Outlook Click on the button “Account Settings” and select the option of the same name. Select your e-mail address from the list and click on the “Change” button above. Change the password, and then save it.

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