How long does it take to be enrolled?

How long does it take to be enrolled?

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application by email. The processing of your application takes about 3 – 4 weeks.

What happens after enrollment?

After enrolling, you have access to all university facilities. You can only enroll if you have received admission from the university. If your application for a place on the course was successful, you will receive a notification of admission. This document will be sent to you by post.

Can I withdraw from enrollment?

If you are already enrolled, you can cancel your enrollment up until the beginning of the semester (September 30th for the winter semester or March 31st for the summer semester). This is only possible for first-time or new enrollment, not for re-registration.

What does enrollment in progress mean?

The status “In progress” means that we received your documents on time. Your data will be recorded in the student database. As soon as we have processed your enrollment application (processing time: up to 4 weeks), we will inform you immediately about the result of our review.

When is the certificate of enrollment available?

When am I enrolled? It is said that two to three weeks after you have applied, you will receive the enrollment certificate and then you can enroll at a different university.

What does admission offer available mean?

“Admission offer is available” The main or follow-up procedure has been carried out. You have been assigned a place on this course. Further information on the enrollment deadline etc. can be found in the notification of admission.

What does approved mean?

Approval is a general term used to describe an official permit that allows a product to enter the market or grants a person statutory rights.

How to accept an admission offer?

Under “My applications” you can see the status in the “Applications submitted” overview for which applications there is an offer of admission. You can review your offers of admission and decide whether to accept or decline an offer of admission or to submit a deferral for service.

What does admission offer currently not possible hochschulstart mean?

If your application receives the status “admission offer currently not possible”, the university cannot offer you admission for the time being given your current ranking. This is a temporary status and not a final rejection.

How long do you have to accept an offer hochschulstart?

In principle, you have the option of actively accepting an existing offer until the end of the coordination phase. If you accept an offer, your other applications will be irrevocably eliminated from the process.

What does approved university start mean?

If your application has achieved a sufficiently good ranking in the allocation process, your application will be given the status “admission offer has been submitted”. Dialogue-oriented service procedure: If you accept the offer of admission in the portal, you will receive a notification of admission.

What is the admission notice?

Official letter with which the university offers you a place at university. In the notification of admission you will also find information on whether you have to meet other conditions and when and where you have to enrol.

What does participate in the award procedure mean?

an explanation of the status “Participating in the procurement process” can be found at: viewtopic. php? f=49&t=5363. The status does not mean that you are participating in a possible succession procedure, as the status is currently not displayed correctly.

What does admission offer currently not possible mean?

An application has the application status “admission offer currently not possible” if the applicant’s university is not currently offering admission. So you have not yet received an offer of admission for this application.

How long does university start take?

It doesn’t matter if they accepted you or not. Sometimes it just takes a month to six weeks. This varies greatly depending on the university.

What does coordinated advance mean?

What is the coordinated move-in? After the end of the coordination phase, study places that are still free or have become free again will be allocated in the coordinated move-up.

When is the succession process completed?

It can happen that after the main procedure there is first a rejection, but a few days later an approval. The succession process will be completed at the beginning of September. If places are still available or have become available again, they will be allocated by drawing lots.

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