How long does it take to get a notification of admission?

How long does it take to get a notification of admission? also writes: The notifications of admission for nationwide restricted admission courses will be sent from 31.08. until 30.09. (coordination phase) or from 12.10.

What does it mean if a course is admission-free?

Admission-free degree programs – free enrollment! A number of study places are admission-free. This means: There are sufficient study places available in a specific course. Ultimately, this means that anyone who meets the other requirements for studying (e.g.

When can you enrol?

There is no uniform enrollment period, but the enrollment period often ends in June/July for the winter semester and in January for the summer semester. In any case, inquire at the university of your choice about the deadlines for enrollment there.

What does application for enrollment mean?

Admission to a university takes place via matriculation, also known as enrolment. You can only enroll if the university has previously admitted you. You usually hand in the application for enrollment in person at the student office of your university.

What do I need to enroll at the university?

You should have the following ready for your matriculation, i.e. enrollment: Your original high school diploma, a valid identity card or passport, the health insurance certificate and your notification of admission if you have been accepted for a degree program with restricted admission.

What is enrollment?

First-time enrollment (matriculation) at a university in Germany or abroad.

How does enrollment at the university work?

This means: You first write an application to the university of your choice and if this is successful and you get an acceptance, you will be given a date for enrollment, the so-called matriculation.

What is the difference between application and enrollment?

The main difference: Applying and enrolling If it’s the other way around, i.e. if there are more places than interested parties, the place on the course is admission-free and you can enroll directly for the course. An application is then not necessary.

What is exmatriculation?

De-registration is the deletion from the list of students (matriculation). Anyone who is exmatriculated is no longer considered a student. Normally you will be exmatriculated when your studies have been duly completed with the last exam – the studies are then considered to be finished.

What happens if you are exmatriculated?

To do’s after exmatriculation Your study place will then be released for the next application process in the coming semester. If you drop out of your studies, for example, but start a new course in the next semester, you may be able to continue receiving money.

When does de-registration take place?

Your performance is not sufficient: If you do not take a single exam within a certain period of time or fail an exam repeatedly, your university can exmatriculate you. You usually have three attempts to pass an exam.

What do you do if you don’t pass your degree?

Third attempt failed? You can do that now!Read the examination regulations.Examination inspection.Additional repetition date (hardship case application)Oral supplementary examination.Substitute examination.Accept help.Load an objection.Challenge the examination legally.

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