How Long Does Little Athletics Go For

Little Athletics’s longevity is the question. Founded in Australia, Little Athletics is a fun, family-friendly sport that caters to children of all skill levels. Unlike other sports that are competitive, children participating in Little Athletics will never feel left out. Participation is open to children aged five to fifteen years old. The sport is open to all ages, even though age groups are based upon birthdate.

Little Athletics is governed by the Working With Children Act and all volunteers have passed a WWC process. Each athlete will be awarded an award at the conclusion of the season and must compete in half of the competition days following registration. However, if the child was born after 31 December 2016, they are not eligible for Little Athletics in Australia. The competition will also take place on the first Saturday in January 2020.

Little Athletics costs approximately $170 per child for a year of activities. This price includes track & field (summer), and cross-country winter seasons. Discounts are available for multiple children. While a full season is long, the cross-country season only costs half the regular price. The entire program is recommended for children who are physically fit, as most Olympians compete only in one event.

Volunteering for Little Athletics can be a rewarding way of helping your child develop. The program is dependent on parents, who are crucial to its success. Parents are required to assist with various tasks at the events. They can also volunteer to cheer for their children during the competition. Parents can volunteer to help in two age groups, provided they are available to do the work. Volunteers don’t need to do it every week. They just need to be flexible.

Little Athletics is focused on safety, but it is important to remember that every athlete’s training will follow safety guidelines. Equipment is adjusted to fit the age group. The equipment must be safe for your child to avoid injuries. This is done through strict codes of behaviour. You, as a parent, are required to attend all meets. Even if your child is not interested in the sport, it is important that you are willing to help them improve their skills.

The summer season for Little Athletics generally lasts from October to late March. However, some centres conduct cross-country events during the winter months (from April to July). The centre calendar will give you details of their registration, season, and key events. Little Athletics centres generally have a competition meet every week. These events are often held at a different location but will often be held at the same centre. Check the Little Athletics program schedule if you are new to Little Athletics to ensure there are no changes.

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