How long does peer review take?

How long does peer review take?

This is a standard accusation of the classic peer review process. And that’s only too understandable. Because it’s actually annoying that it sometimes takes a whole year before you can finally read the results that have long been available after all the back and forth between editors, reviewers and authors.

Who does research results belong to?

As far as research data is protected by copyright, the author is always the owner of the right. This is, for example, the author of a text or the person who made a drawing or something similar.

What are studies publications?

A scientific publication or specialist publication (often simply called a paper in the jargon, unless it is a monograph) is a written scientific work by one or more authors whose publication (publication) is planned or already …

What are original works?

An original work is a form of scientific publication in specialist journals. New results from research are presented and discussed in it.

What is a Corresponding Author?

When a group of researchers and writers work together on a paper, which is not uncommon in these areas, they usually choose a person to forward the paper to a journal or other publication. …

Is a journal a magazine?

The journal / ʒʊrˈnaːl / (French. Journal / ʒuʁ. Nal / = newspaper, diary; like Italian giornale and early New High German anger, from Middle Latin diurnale, “diary”, from this “day”) is a journalistic product.

How do I recognize peer review?

When you see “online first” or “Epub ahead of print” in an article database, it usually means the article has been accepted and has been peer reviewed. The article is just waiting to be published in the print edition of the magazine.

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