How long is many years of professional experience?

How long is many years of professional experience?

The phrase “many years of professional experience” usually also means practical experience of at least three years. In exceptional cases, however, companies can stipulate longer periods of at least five, seven or even ten years.

Which level with higher grouping?

A higher grouping refers to the change from the previous to a higher pay group. The higher grouping in TVöD takes place in the VKA area since the same level, but at least after level 2. The level duration covered in a level is not offset against the new pay group.

What do the levels on TV l mean?

In the case of pay group 1, the hiring begins with level 2, for the other pay groups it starts with level 1. Each level is assigned a certain period of experience. From the third level onwards, the performance in accordance with Section 17 (2) TV-L plays a role in reaching the next higher level.

What does experience level mean?

The level of experience is defined as: the level of the basic salary for the salary of civil servants, based on experience, see salary # levels. Experience levels in the public service (recognition of previous professional experience according to § 16 TVöD), see collective agreement for the public service # remuneration.

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