How long should a conclusion in a bachelor thesis be?

How long should a conclusion in a bachelor thesis be?

Since a conclusion rounds off your bachelor thesis, it gives you the opportunity to quickly leave a lasting impression on the readers. The length of the conclusion depends on the scope of your work, but should make up around 5–10% of the entire bachelor thesis.

How many pages is the end of the bachelor thesis?

Conclusion Bachelor thesis – scope & length two to three pages), you should give the summary of the results, the interpretation and the outlook on research projects and the like in a more extensive thesis (approx.

How many pages of discussion?

The scope of your discussion depends on the length of your work. For a 15-page term paper, 2-3 pages are appropriate. A 30-page bachelor thesis accordingly requires 5-7 pages. Master theses with 60 or more pages may be approx.

How many pages of the conclusion of the master’s thesis?

Your conclusion follows the main part of your master’s thesis …. Difference to the discussion of your master’s thesis. 3-4 pages Approx. 5–10 pages3 •

Is the conclusion and conclusion the same?

The conclusion heralds the end of your work. Synonyms for conclusion are: Outlook. Results.

What should be included in the introduction of a master’s thesis?

In many cases, the introduction to a master’s thesis consists of four parts. At the beginning of the introduction there is often a description of the problem or question that is being dealt with. This is followed by the aim and purpose of the work in the introduction.

What belongs in an abstract master’s thesis?

What belongs in the master’s thesis abstract? The abstract of the master’s thesis is often referred to as a short version in German. Accordingly, it should be a brief account of your work. This includes a basic classification of your topic, the goal setting and important results.

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