How long should you be in your first job?

How long should you be in your first job?

While the majority (56 percent) stay in their first job for one to three years, every fourth respondent does not last twelve months with their first employer.

How important is the first job after graduation?

For many, the first job after graduation is seen as an entry point, possibly even as a purely transitory position. Another factor that plays a role for many graduates: The main thing is to get started quickly, not leave any gaps and start your first job shortly after graduation.

How long does it take to get a job after graduation?

How long does it take to get your first job? A study has shown that it takes an average of three and a half months for university graduates to take up their first job after graduation. Humanities scholars, among others, look longer than the average, computer scientists, civil engineers and architects shorter.

Why should you change jobs after 7 years?

A development that scares many people because they long for financial security and routine. Experts rate this trend positively, however, because they recommend: After five to seven years at the latest, you should change your job, preferably even your employer.

Why do I want to change jobs?

So look to the future instead of the past. Present yourself authentically. Convince the HR manager of your motivation for the new position. He doesn’t want to have the feeling that you want to “get away” from your previous job, but rather “towards” the new one.

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