How long should you write for a bachelor thesis in one day?

How long should you write for a bachelor thesis in one day?

1-1.5 pages per day as a guide This is completely normal. On other days, writing works better again, you get into a flow. And maybe then you can put two pages on paper at the same time. This may not sound like a lot at first, but it is definitely above average.

How long does it take to write a bachelor thesis?

The usual processing time for a bachelor thesis is 2 to 4 months. The scope is usually between 20 and 60 pages.

When can I write my bachelor thesis?

As a rule, the bachelor thesis is registered at the beginning of the sixth semester. Please refer to the examination regulations (§14 Para. 4) to find out which achievements you must have completed beforehand. You register in the examination office using the form provided there.

What makes a good bachelor thesis?

It is a scientific text at the end of a bachelor’s degree, which is written by students. The bachelor thesis analyzes existing knowledge or produces new ones. The bachelor thesis consists of three main phases: preparation, writing phase and follow-up.

How do you submit a bachelor thesis?

Where is the submission of the bachelor thesis? The bachelor thesis is submitted in triplicate to the examination office – not to the supervisor! When handing in the responsible employee in the examination office officially stamps the receipt of the bachelor thesis.

What happens if you submit the bachelor thesis too late?

Submit an objection and contest the grade of the bachelor thesis. Along with the notification of failure, students also receive instructions on legal remedies. Within one month it is possible to object to the judgment or even to file a lawsuit.

Is it possible to hand in the bachelor thesis earlier?

If this is not expressly regulated in the examination regulations, the chairperson of the examination board has the last word – although I don’t understand why you can’t submit a bachelor’s thesis earlier. This is certainly not a problem at most universities.

How many bachelor theses to hand in?

This question is also not uniformly regulated nationwide, so it is advisable to check the respective study regulations or ask about it at the examination office. As a rule, three bound copies are required, one copy remains in the examination office and the first and second reviewer each receive one work.

How long theory part bachelor thesis?

It is important that the text part (introduction to conclusion) is within the 40 – 60 pages. A good division for a 60-page bachelor thesis is: Introduction (2-3 pages) Theory part (15-20 pages)

Where do you write a bachelor thesis?

The university library as a workplace for the bachelor thesis. For many, the question will be answered quickly: why else did the university set up so many workspaces in its libraries? This is exactly the right place for the completion of the bachelor thesis.

What must a bachelor thesis contain?

The bachelor thesis contains all the important basic elements of a scientific work: cover sheet, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of sources and any appendices as well as an affidavit.

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